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Master Python Programming: Learn from IIT Madras Alumni

Welcome to our comprehensive Python programming course, where you'll harness the power of Python under the guidance of experts who honed their skills at IIT Madras.

Course Overview

Unlock the potential of Python through our extensive curriculum featuring:

70 Audio-Video Lessons: 

Immerse yourself in Python essentials with our engaging multimedia content. Each lesson is carefully designed to cater to various learning styles, ensuring maximum comprehension and retention.

Language Flexibility: 

Choose your preferred language of instruction – English or Hindi. We believe in making learning accessible to all, irrespective of linguistic background.

Hands-On Learning: 

Put theory into practice with our hands-on approach. Work on two exciting projects – the Birthday Reminder and Tic Tac Toe – to reinforce your understanding of Python concepts and enhance your problem-solving skills.

Comprehensive Content: 

Our course covers everything from the basics of Python programming to advanced topics like Automation, Data Science, and Machine Learning. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced coder looking to expand your skill set, there's something for everyone.

Work on Projects, Master Python

We understand the importance of practical experience in mastering a programming language. That's why we provide ample opportunities for you to apply your knowledge in real-world scenarios. By working on live projects, you'll not only solidify your grasp of Python but also develop the confidence and expertise to tackle complex challenges in your future endeavors.

Key Features

  • Our course offers a comprehensive journey from foundational concepts to advanced functions.
  • Whether you're learning Python for the first time or aiming to enhance your existing skills, you'll find everything you need to succeed.
  • Lay a solid foundation for exploring the exciting field of machine learning. 
  • Understand the fundamentals that underpin machine learning algorithms and set yourself up for future studies and career opportunities. 
  • Our curriculum is the result of extensive research and expertise in the field of Python programming. 
  • Every module is thoughtfully crafted to deliver an optimal learning experience, ensuring that you acquire the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in Python.

Prerequisites & Requirements

  • No Prior Experience Needed

  • PC/Laptop Access

  • English Proficiency

Start Your Python Journey Today

 Join us as we explore the endless possibilities of Python and empower ourselves to create, innovate, and succeed in the digital age. Let's make this journey together – the world of Python awaits!

1. Introduction 
2. Installation of Python 
3. Working with Python 
4. Variables 
5. List 
6. Tuple 
7. Set 
8. Strings 
9. Dictionary 
10. More on Variables 
11. Data Types 
12. Operators 
13. Binary System 
14. Swapping of Two Numbers 
15. Bitwise Operator 
16. Mathematical Functions in Python 
17. How to take Input Value from the user? 
18. If Else statement 
19. While loop 
20. For loop 
21. Break, Continue and Pass 
22. Patterns 
23. For-Else 
24. Prime numbers 
25. Array 
26. Use input in Array 
27. NumPy 
28. Creating Array using NumPy 
29. Creating other Array from existing ones 
30. Matrix in Python 
31. Functions in Python 
32. Types of Parameters 
33. Kwargs 
34. Global & Local Variables 
35. Fibonacci Series 
36. Factorial 
37. Recursion 
38. Using Recursion 
39. Lambda Function 
40. Filter() Map() Reduce() 
41. Decorators 
42. Modules in Python 
43. OOPS 
44. Class and Object 
45. Types of Methods 
46. Inner Class 
47. Inheritance 
48. Types of Inheritance 
49. Constructors in Inheritance 
50. Init function in Inheritance 
51. Duck Typing 
52. Operator Overloading 
53. Polymorphism 
54. Iterators 
55. Exception Handling 
56. Method Over-riding 
57. Multi-Threading 
58. Linear Search 
59. Binary Search 
60. Bubble Set 
61. Selection Sort 
62. Generators 
63. Init Method 
64. Operation on Array 
65. Solving Algebraic Equations 
66. Super Function 
67. Types of Variables 
68. How to write Comments? 
69. Project 1- Birthday Reminder 
70. Project 2- Tic-Tac-Toe game

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