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Language & Process adopted are easy & enjoyable. All topics explained in Audio-Video lectures

Certification available for Online & Offline both modes

Certification courses also available   Take up the test & score min. 60% marks

Courses for School/College students & Professionals

Designing, Civil Engineering, Beauty, English Language, Accounting, Digital Marketing, Programming, Memory Science, IELTS, Govt. exam preparation, Import-Export

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Courses are valid for 1 year from the date of activation. 

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Courses for School Children :  

1. Public Speaking For Children (Overcome Stage Fear) 

2. MEMORY SCIENCE - How To Boost Your Memory? (Hindi)

3. MEMORY SCIENCE - How To Boost Your Memory ?(English)

4. Complete Grammar A-Z

5. Photoshop  

6. MS Excel  

7. Complete Accounts (Beginner to Advanced)

8. YouTube Marketing & Ads  (Hindi)

9. YouTube Marketing & Ads (English)

10. How To Create A Website ?

11. Instagram Marketing (Hindi) ( Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live)

12. Instagram Marketing (English) Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live

13. Complete Python Programming

Courses for College Students/Professionals: 

1. Adobe Photoshop PRO

2. MS Excel  

3. Basics of Accounts

4. Tally.ERP 9

5. Complete GST

6. AutoCAD

7. YouTube Marketing & Advertising (Hindi)

8. YouTube Marketing & Advertising (English)

9. Instagram Marketing 2023 (Hindi) ( Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live)

10. Instagram Marketing 2023 (English) ( Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live)

11. How To Create A Website ?

12. How To Create A Professional Website ?

13. SEO

14. Complete Copyrighting

15. How To Brand Your Business

16. Grammar A-Z 

17. Import Export

Govt. Exam Preparation Courses:

1. Indian Polity (For UPSC/Banking/NDA/Army/Navy/Police tests etc.)

2. Indian History (For UPSC/Banking/NDA/Army/Navy/Police tests etc.)

3. Quantitative Aptitude (For UPSC/Banking/NDA/Army/Navy/Police tests etc.)

4. Logical Reasoning (For UPSC/Banking/NDA/Army/Navy/Police tests etc.)

Courses for Girls/Home-Makers

1. Beauty & Wellness

Special Courses

  1. Academic IELTS      (English)
  2. Academic IELTS      (English + Hindi)
  3. General IELTS          (English) 
  4. General IELTS          (English + Hindi)

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