Indian History For Govt. Exams

Indian History For Govt. Exams

Indian History For Govt. Exams

Level : Basic

Price : 14999   4999

12 Month(s)

Designed by: Govt Exams Coaching Trainer
Experience of teaching 1000s of students in past 10 years

50 Audio-Video Lectures

Language : English + Hindi

At StudyKosh you can practise Indian History for the government exams such as: Banking tests, Law, Army, Navy, Airforce tests, Forestry, Police, Civil Services Exam etc. with much ease and detailed understanding of every topic of Indian History. This course covers all the topics of logical reasoning helpful in Banking PO/FCI/NDA/Police/UPSC/Army/Navy

This course covers:

·         Entire topics that are asked in various exams.

·         Detailed explanation of shortcuts.

·         Ample examples included.

·         Topic wise practise material.

·         All the 3 types of logical reasoning covered: Ancient History, Medieval History and Modern History.

Key Features:

·         Know the Indian Pre-History.

·         The civilizations : Indus Valley, Vedic Period, Mauryan Dynasty and Gupta period.

·         Delhi Sultanate explained in complete details in 4 parts.

·         The rule of Mughals

·         European Advent

Practise requirements:

1.     Internet connection to play/download lectures.

2.   Understanding of Hindi/English language.

3.   Minimum 4-5hours per day towards the subject to gain excellence.


Who will get maximum benefit from this course?

·         Anyone appearing for government exams.

·         Anyone who wants to learn Indian History.


Ancient History

  1. Pre- History
  2. Indus Valley Civilization part 1
  3. Indus Valley Civilization part 2
  4. Vedic Period
  5. Later Vedic Period Part 1
  6. Mahajan padas Part 2
  7. Growth of Buddhism and Jainism (i)
  8. Growth of Buddhism and Jainism (ii)
  9. Magadha Empire
  10. Alexander Invasion
  11. The Mauryan Dynasty part 1
  12. The Mauryan Dynasty part 2
  13. Kingdoms after Mauryas
  14. The Gupta Dynasty
  15. Post Gupta Period

Medieval History

1. Early Medieval Period

2. Sultanate Period

3. (i)   The Delhi Sultanate Part 1

4. (ii) The Delhi Sultanate Part 2

5. (iii) The Delhi Sultanate Part 3

6. (iv) The Delhi Sultanate Part 4

7. Mughal Rulers 1

8. Sur Empire

 9. (i) Mughal Rulers 2 Part 1

  10. (ii) Mughal Rulers 2 Part 2

  11. (i) Vijayanagar Empire Part 1

  12. (ii) Vijayanagar Empire Part 2

13. Bahmani Kingdom

14. Religious Movements

15. Maratha State

Modern History

1. Advent of Europeans Part 1

2. Advent of Europeans Part 2

3. Carnatic Wars

4. Battle of Plassey and Buxar

5. Dual Government in Bengal

6. Anglo Mysore War

7. Anglo Maratha War

8. Anglo Sikh War

9. Socio Religious Reformers

10. The Revolt of 1857

11. Moderate Phase

12. Rise of Extremism

13. Partition of Bengal

14. Surat Split, Morley- Minto Reforms, Ghadar Party, Home Rule Movement, The Lucknow Pact

15. Main events during Gandhian Era
 Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

16. Governor and Governor Generals Bengal and India

17. Viceroy and Governor Generals of India

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