How To Brand Your Business?

How To Brand Your Business?

How To Brand Your Business?

Level : Basic

Price : 4999   1999

12 Month(s)

Designed by: Digital Marketing Expert (IIM Alumni)

Language : English

Learn to find clients effectively. This course “How to Brand Your Business?” is a complete package for the learners who want to know the best branding techniques and the key facts to be kept in mind without spamming. You can learn a framework to do good marketing of businesses.

 This course covers:

·         Know the difference between branding & marketing.

·         Select the vision and mission for your brand in a correct way.

·         Relevant examples included to give you more clarity.

·         After doing this course, you will know the strategies to gain an edge over your competitors.


Key Features:

1.     Branding

2.     Marketing

3.     What is a good vision? Explained with real examples.

4.     Tips to be unique.

5.     Learn to know the buyers’ perspective.

6.      Getting a competitive edge.

Practise requirements:

·         Basic computer knowledge

·         Internet connectivity

Who will get maximum benefit from this course?

·         Computer Science students

·         Professionals who want to learn to create the website.

·         College students (B.Tech/BCA)

·         Digital Marketing students/professionals


  1. Branding Structure
  2. Branding vs Marketing
  3. Marketing: An Evolving Process
  4. Focus on brand strategy
  5. Find your purpose
  6. Few examples of purpose
  7. Write your brand’s purpose
  8. Vision
  9. Examples of A Good Vision
  10. Mission
  11. Writing your mission
  12. Know your brand uniqueness
  13. Few examples of brand uniqueness
  14. How to know your target audience?
  15. Knowing the buyer’s perspective
  16. Your Competitors = Great Solution
  17. How to get Competitive Edge?
  18. How to be unique?

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