SEO Training 2023

SEO Training 2023

SEO Training 2023

Level : Basic

Price : 8999   1250

1 Month(s)

Designed by: Digital Marketing Expert (IIM Alumni)

Language : English

A step by step SEO course that guides you with the steps to organically rank high. Quality SEO is what matters. Know about the types of SEO and implementation.

This course covers:

·         Identify the reasons of not getting traffic.

·         Things to be done before starting with SEO.

·         Factors to always consider while designing the SEO strategy.

·         Backlinks creation.

·         Correct way to linking.

Key Features:

1.     Correct way to select keywords.

2.     Know what people search.

3.     How to write a good content?

4.     MOZ

5.     Create a nice video content.

6.     3 assignments included.

7.     LSI keywords

Practise requirements:

·         Basic computer knowledge

·         Internet connectivity

·         Website/Product to practise SEO techniques.

Who will get maximum benefit from this course?

·         Computer Science students

·         Professionals who want to learn to create the website.

·         College students (B.Tech/BCA)

·         Digital Marketing students/professionals


  1. 5 Reasons for not getting traffic
  2. Glossary
  3. Introduction to SEO
  4. Pre SEO
  5. How to select Keywords?
  6. Types of SEO (I)
  7. Types of SEO (II)
  8. Factors To Consider
  9. Improve Dwell time
  10. Assignment 1
  11. Facts to know about keywords
  12. Types of Keywords
  13. Look What People Search
  14. Assignment 2
  15. Know About MOZ
  16. Steps for a good content
  17. A nice video content
  18. Know what your competitors are doing
  19. Assignment 3
  20. On-Page SEO that brings results
  21. Page Title
  22. Know about Meta Description
  23. Why we need Sub-Headings?
  24. LSI Keywords
  25. Lengthy Content
  26. Content Updation
  27. Internal Linking at Website
  28. More about backlinks
  29. Backlinking Technique
  30. Sample Email

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