Beauty & Wellness (Start Your Own Salon)

Beauty & Wellness (Start Your Own Salon)

Beauty & Wellness (Start Your Own Salon)

Level : Basic

Price : 15999   2999

1 Month(s)

Designed by: Experienced Cosmetologist (New Delhi)

language : English + Hindi

33 Audio-Video Lectures

If you want to learn about beauty and wellness for your hygiene care or want to start your own salon, then enroll in this course to avail the benefit. Any homemaker/female interested in the field of Beauty, this is the golden chance for you.

This course covers:

·         Knowing the skin, skin layers and skin types

·         Various diseases and disorders

·         What is cosmetology?

·         Few growing trends

·         Acupressure points

·         Massaging

Key Features:

1.     Day care routine

2.     Night care routine

3.     pH scale

4.     Know the importance of water.

5.     Manicure

6.     Pedicure

Practise requirements:

·         Products using which you can practise.

·         Understanding of English and Hindi languages.

·         Internet connection to go through the course step by step

Who can get maximum benefit from this course?

·         Homemakers interested in this field

Makeup, Waxing (Arms), Pedicure & Manicure and Threading modules will be covered in LIVE SESSIONS


  1. Introduction to skin
  2. How to care your skin?
  3. Functions of the skin
  4. Day Care Routine
  5. Night Care Routine
  6. Skin its structure
  7. PH Scale and Acid Mantle
  8. Cosmetology
  9. Professional Outlook
  10. Career Opportunities
  11. Cleansing
  12. Moisturizing
  13. Skin Diseases and Disorders
  14. How to choose correct product for your skin?
  15. Toning
  16. Growing Trends of Serums
  17. Active Ingredients of Serums
  18. Preparation for a Facial
  19. Natural Skin Care
  20. How to boost collagen?
  21. Microorganisms
  22. Manicure
  23. Pedicure
  24. Glass skin care routine
  25. Importance of Water
  26. Sterilization and Sanitation
  27. Methods of hair removals
  28. Paraben Free Products
  29. Acupressure Points
  30. Facial Acupressure Points
  31. Hand Acupressure Points
  32. Foot Acupressure Points
  33. Neck and Shoulders Acupressure Points

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