Academic IELTS 9 Bands Course (Hindi)

Academic IELTS 9 Bands Course (Hindi)

Academic IELTS 9 Bands Course (Hindi)

Level : Basic

Price : 16999   4999

3 Month(s)

Course Creator: Certified TOEFL/IELTS Trainer with a decade of language expertise.

Language: English + Hindi

Course Overview: If your ambition is to achieve an impressive 8+ band score on your IELTS exam, your journey starts right here. Our course stands as the pinnacle of IELTS preparation, having empowered students from all corners of the country to triumphantly conquer the IELTS exam with exceptional scores.

Course Highlights:

  • Comprehensive Learning: Access a treasure trove of 200+ audio-video lectures, covering every facet of the IELTS exam.
  • Reading Mastery: Delve deep into the Reading module, dissecting a single reading passage into three parts for an in-depth understanding. Enhance your vocabulary with comprehensive word explanations.
  • Technique Unveiled: Uncover essential techniques and indispensable shortcuts to remember throughout your IELTS journey.

Key Features:

  1. Cue Cards: Gain insights into yearly cue cards asked in the exam.
  2. Speaking Module Support: Access sample answers for the Speaking Module, including introductory questions, cue card responses, and part 3 question discussions.
  3. Mistake Analysis: Learn from the common mistakes made by fellow candidates.
  4. Listening Module Demystified: Demystify the Listening Module with explained answers and transcripts.
  5. Self-Practice Tests: Bolster your confidence with post-practice tests designed for self-improvement.


  • Proficiency in the English language.
  • A commitment to dedicating a minimum of 5 hours per day to the course.

Who Will Benefit Most: This course is tailored for Academic IELTS test takers aiming to excel in their examinations.

Note: To aid your comprehension of the Listening Module, it is presented entirely in English, as this module is widely regarded as challenging by most students taking the Academic IELTS test.

Embark on this transformative journey toward IELTS success with us. Join the countless students who have achieved their dream 8+ band scores, and together, let's make your IELTS goals a reality!


Audio Video Lectures

MODULE 1 Reading: -

• 10 Practise lectures with answers & Strategies explained

MODULE 2 Writing: -

·10 Practise graphs with answers explained
·10 Practise Essays with answers explained
·8 Essays with points explained
·Commonly used idioms, words & lines explained
·Common mistakes discussion

MODULE 3 Listening: -

·20 Practise lectures with transcript & answers explained
·Common Mistakes Discussion

MODULE 4 Speaking: -

·Speaking Overview
·100 Introduction questions with answers explained (topics)
·100 discussion questions with answers explained (20 topics discussion)
·23 Cue Cards with answers explained
·Frequently asked monthly cue cards (2018-19)
·Vocabulary 20 topics explained cue cards
·Common lines used (35) explained
·Common words used (100) explained
·Commonly used Idioms (25) explained
·Commonly used 88 Practice Idioms
·Commonly used 73 Practice Phrases
·Do’s & Don’ts
·Cue cards explained with answers (Jan- April 2019) & discussions questions with answer
·Overcoming Nervousness (Bonus lecture)
·1 complete speaking test explained with answer

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    • Aakarshan
    "This is the first course of its kind I've ever finished. Definitely, I would suggest this to both my friends & anyone else who wants to score well on the Academic IELTS. In the near future, I'll be considering enrolling in more of these courses through STUDYKOSH. I'm grateful.
    • Harbinder Singh
    I just wanted to express my appreciation for the Academic IELTS COURSE. What a great teacher; I learned things about reading and listening that I did not know, as well as how to do things more effectively than I had been. I want to thank you once more
    • Harpreet Kaur
    "It's easy to sum up—Excellent!
    • Aarnik
    The Course on StudyKosh has really impressed me. The lecturer was highly knowledgeable & talked clearly. You will always be my first pick if I ever need any extra courses

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