Complete Python

Complete Python

Complete Python

Level : Intermediate

Price : 90000   50000

1 Month(s)

Designed by: IIT Madras Alumni

Now you can master the Python programming language by building projects as well. Practise with every topic that you cover in this course and will be become a Python expert.

70 Audio-Video Lectures, contains 2 PROJECTS

Language: English + Hindi

This course covers:

·         You will learn this programming language and unique projects to complete.

·         You can learn Automation, Data Science and Machine Learning using Python

·         There are 2 projects covered in this course: Birthday Reminder and Tic Tac Toe

Key Features:

1.     This course begins from the introduction of Python, the complete interface, tools, and functions

2.     The course is a comprehensive approach to train the students who want to pursue Machine Learning in future.

3.     The course curriculum is designed after deep research in the field of Python.

Practise requirements:

·         No previous programming experience required.

·         A PC/Laptop to practise

·         Understanding of English Language

How to get maximum benefit from this course?

By completing the course and practising well, you will be able to make projects in Python. Starting from the beginners level, you can learn the language to advanced level.

This course is beneficial for the school students who want to learn programming along with academics and for the students who have Python programming as a part of their academic curriculum. All the college students and the professionals who want to switch to programming career or Machine Learning

All the best!!!!

Let’s get started


  1. Introduction
  2. Installation of Python
  3. Working with Python
  4. Variables
  5. List
  6. Tuple
  7. Set
  8. Strings
  9. Dictionary
  10. More on Variables
  11. Data Types
  12. Operators
  13. Binary System
  14. Swapping of Two Numbers
  15. Bitwise Operator
  16. Mathematical Functions in Python
  17. How to take Input Value from the user?
  18. If Else statement
  19. While loop
  20. For loop
  21. Break, Continue and Pass
  22. Patterns
  23. For-Else
  24. Prime numbers
  25. Array
  26. Use input in Array
  27. NumPy
  28. Creating Array using NumPy
  29. Creating other Array from existing ones
  30. Matrix in Python
  31. Functions in Python
  32. Types of Parameters
  33. Kwargs
  34. Global & Local Variables
  35. Fibonacci Series
  36. Factorial
  37. Recursion
  38. Using Recursion
  39. Lambda Function
  40. Filter() Map() Reduce()
  41. Decorators
  42. Modules in Python
  43. OOPS
  44. Class and Object
  45. Types of Methods
  46. Inner Class
  47. Inheritance
  48. Types of Inheritance
  49. Constructors in Inheritance
  50. Init function in Inheritance
  51. Duck Typing
  52. Operator Overloading
  53. Polymorphism
  54. Iterators
  55. Exception Handling
  56. Method Over-riding
  57. Multi-Threading
  58. Linear Search
  59. Binary Search
  60. Bubble Set
  61. Selection Sort
  62. Generators
  63. Init Method
  64. Operation on Array
  65. Solving Algebraic Equations
  66. Super Function
  67. Types of Variables
  68. How to write Comments?
  69. Project 1- Birthday Reminder
  70. Project 2- Tic-Tac-Toe game

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