Instagram Marketing (English) Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live

Instagram Marketing  (English) Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live

Instagram Marketing (English) Ads/Reels/Posts/Hashtags/Live

Level : Basic

Price : 12999   1250

1 Month(s)

Designed by: IIM Alumni

Attract more Instagram followers and you can start earning from Instagram as the channel grows. Learn about Instagram posts and reels. You have a chance to convert your followers into your customers.

Language: English

This course covers:

·         Complete details about hashtags and how they help you reach a broader Instagram audience.

·         How to optimize your profile?

·         Learn about Instagram live.

·         Reels/Posts/Stories

Key Features:

1.     Personal/Business Instagram Accounts

2.     Reels/Posts/Stories

3.     Market your content

Practise requirements:

·         A smartphone/Laptop/PC.

·         Internet connection

·         Instagram Account

·         Understanding of Hindi and English languages

Who can get the maximum benefit from this course?

·         Budding Influencers

·         Business Owners

·         Kids who make their Instagram profile and create interesting content

·         Hobbyist

·         Working professionals

·         College students

·         Digital Marketing aspirants

Good Luck !!!!

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