YouTube Marketing & Ads (English)

YouTube Marketing & Ads (English)

YouTube Marketing & Ads (English)

Level : Basic

Price : 5999   1250

1 Month(s)

Designed by: Head-Digital Marketing (IIM Alumni)
Vast Experience of 10 years in Digital Marketing

Language : English

 In this course you will learn to create a YouTube channel, monetize the channel, channel optimization and tips to grow the audience organically. You will also learn to run ads and get successful results.

This course covers:

·         Know about YouTube and YouTube channel creation.

·         How the YouTube algorithms work is the key in understanding to grow the channel.

·         Add I button, know about Clickbait and the copyright claims.

·         Know the best time to upload videos on your YouTube channel.

·         Learn about YouTube Ads, Ads delivery method and Video Ad campaign at YouTube

Key Features:

1.     A professional YouTube Channel creation & setup

2.     Growing the channel

3.     Shorts

4.     Ad campaigns, Video ads

5.     Bidding strategies in Google Ads

6.     Live stream and YouTube Live Control settings

Practise requirements:

·         A smartphone/Laptop/PC.

·         Internet connection

·         Understanding of English and Hindi language

How to get maximum benefit from this course?

The journey begins from A and goes till writing a complete essay.


Don’t worry. This course is designed in a manner that even a school student will get a vast and in-depth knowledge about YouTube Marketing & Ads.

This course is helpful for students who want to:

·         Become an influencer

·         Earn from YouTube

·         Create social media hype

·         Grab more audience

·         Sell the products/services

·         Make career in Digital Marketing

So, lets begin the wonderful journey……


 1. What is YouTube?

2. How to create a YouTube Channel?

3. How to change channel name & description?

4. How to write description?

5. Verification of YouTube Account

6. Analysis of Competitors

7. How to add watermark?

8. Uploads defaults settings

9. YouTube Settings

10. How to analyze your channel?

11. Banner Image

12. Working of YouTube Algorithm

13. Working of YouTube Search

14. Keywords

15. How to select topics?

16. Tools for Keywords

17. Types of Videos

18. How to upload video?

19. Title

20. Tags

21. How to Trim Uploaded Video?

22. How to Blur Objects in Uploaded Video?

23. Open New Channel with same Gmail Account

24. Option “Video made for kinds or not”

25. Keywords Analysis

26. Channel Trailer

27. Featured Video

 28. Copyright Free Music

 29. Video Description

 30. What is Clickbait?

31. Video thumbnail

32. How to add I button?

33. How to plan your content?

34. Scheduling Of Video

35. YouTube End Screen

36. How to increase your subscribers?

37. How to record video?

38. Money earning from YouTube

39. Best time to upload videos

40. Chat Moderator

41. Subtitles

42. YouTube Timestamp

43. Live stream on YouTube

44. Live control room settings

45. Channel Monetization

46. Channel Membership

47. Watch Time

48. YouTube Analytics

49. Copyright claim

50. Copyright claim on your channel

51. YouTube Super

 52. Managers and Editors

 53. YouTube Shorts

 54. Script Writing

 55. Length of a video

56. Editing Software’s

57. SEO

58. What Are Video Ads?

59. Benefits of Video Ads

60. How to Create Google Ads Account?

61. Connect Google Ads & YouTube Ads

62. Types of Video Ads

63. Video Ad Campaign

64. Ad Delivery Methods

65. Bidding Strategies in Google Ads

66. Keywords

67. Inventory Type in Google Ads

68. Frequency Capping

69. Networks

70. Topics

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