Adobe Photoshop For Kids

Adobe Photoshop For Kids

Adobe Photoshop For Kids

Level : Basic

Price : 9999   1999

1 Month(s)

Designed by: Certified Photoshop Expert

This Adobe Photoshop course will teach you all the tools of photoshop that can help you pursue hobby of graphics designing or a career in the same field

83 Audio-Video Lectures

Language: English + Hindi

The course covers:

·         Learn the complete photoshop interface

·         How to use layers like a PRO

·         You can create posters, enhance any photograph and create social media posts that will attract audience like a magnet

·         Learn to create a photo collage, mirroring the image, some smart filters and transformation commands

Key Features:

1.       The course is an audio-video course having 80+ lectures.

2.       Create fantasy images using brushes.

3.       Even beginners can make most out of this course.

4.       Blending photos, colours and using Pen tool

Practise requirements:

Enrolling in this course requires no prior knowledge. Student must have Adobe Photoshop to practise

How to get maximum benefit from this course?

If you are struggling to learn Photoshop of your own, then you are at the right place. In this course you can learn in depth about Photoshop and intermediate level students can polish their phot editing, graphics designing skills to the PRO-level.

Following students can the most out of this Adobe Photoshop course:

·         Students with photo editing hobby

·         Enhance Social media posts

·         Photography

·         Those who want to make career in Graphic designing

·         Posters/Covers designing

So, get ready and lets start the wonderful journey!!!!


  1. Exploring Photoshop Interface
  2. Introduction
  3. Vector and Raster Images
  4. Introduction to Layer Panel 1
  5. Introduction to Layer Panel 2
  6. How to open images?
  7. Image Size and Resolution
  8. How to Crop and Straighten Images?
  9. Layer Styles
  10. How to copy a layer style?
  11. How to save layer styles?
  12. How to save your work?
  13. Alignment Tools
  14. Artboards 1
  15. Artboards 2
  16. Artboards 3
  17. How to create duplicate layer?
  18. Cropping as per the frame size
  19. Rectangular Marquee Tool
  20. Elliptical Marquee Tool
  21. Without losing the pixels resize image
  22. Rotate image in transform mode
  23. Shapes in Photoshop
  24. Selection Tools
  25. Quick Selection Tool
  26. Object Selection Tool
  27. Custom Shape Tool
  28. Add borders to an image
  29. Path Selection Tool
  30. Pen Tool
  31. Direct Selection Tool
  32. Direction handles after Pen Tool
  33. Dodge and Burn Tool
  34. Drawing Curves and Lines with Pen Tool
  35. Duplicate Layers and Layers Selection
  36. Brush Tool
  37. Blending Modes
  38. Change the background
  39. Change the eyes color
  40. Eye Dropper and Swatches
  41. Common problem while using eye drop
  42. Clipping Mask
  43. Clipping Mask in Layer Styles
  44. Add Copyright Information
  45. Problem with free transform mode
  46. Free transform mode
  47. How to customizes your layers panel?
  48. Guides in shapes
  49. Healing Brush tool
  50. Heat Effect
  51. Gold Text Effect
  52. Options Similar to Marquee Tools in Shapes
  53. How to find layers?
  54. How to open groups?
  55. How to place an image in a shape?
  56. How to resize an image?
  57. How to select a color in an image?
  58. Image inside the text
  59. Improve the smile
  60. Lasso Tools
  61. Magic Wand tool
  62. Locking Layers
  63. Merge Layers
  64. Mirror Image
  65. Moving Layers in Photoshop
  66. How to keep different layers Organization?
  67. Photo Collage
  68. Rain Effect
  69. Rotate View Tool
  70. Smart filters
  71. Smart filters (i)
  72. Smart Guides in Photoshop
  73. Working with smart objects
  74. Spot Healing Brush Tool
  75. Spray Paint
  76. Tips for Layer Masks
  77. Transform Commands
  78. Transform single letter in a word
  79. Transparent Text
  80. How to load two images in one canvas?
  81. Types of layers
  82. Types of transformations
  83. Watermark

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