How To Boost Your Memory ? (Hindi)

How To Boost Your Memory ? (Hindi)

How To Boost Your Memory ? (Hindi)

Level : Basic

Price : 19999   4999

2 Month(s)

Designed by: Memory Training Experts (IIM Alumni)

38 Audio- Video Lectures

Language : ENG + HINDI

The course covers:

This course includes the ninja techniques of global memory experts to enhance recalling ability 10X faster than the current. Proven techniques used by memory experts in academic subjects, daily routine, Skills learning etc.

Key Features:

1.     Learn 7 methods of memory enhancements.

2.     Master the skills of memory champions

3.     Know about human brain.

4.     How to do meditation?

5.     Impacts of lifestyle on human memory

Practise requirements:

1.     Student must be able to read and understand Hindi and English.

2.     An enthusiasm to push out of the comfort zone.

3.     An active and positive mindset.

Course description:

To become a SUPERHUMAN you just need:

·         Faster reading and understanding abilities.

·         A valid push to recall things easily. For this you will be guided with 7 techniques to implement in your daily lives, academics, workplace and even leisure activities.

·         A holistic approach towards yourself.

·         Just appreciate the way you are evolving.

How to get maximum benefit from this course?

This course is going to transform your life. There is no need to force your mind to remember things or concepts when adding fun in learning can solve the purpose.

Get Set Go!!!!!


  1. Human Memory
  2. Introduction of Loci Method
  3. Invention of Loci Method
  4. Loci Method Techniques
  5. Building A Memory Palace
  6. How to use memory palace?
  7. Dominic o’ Brien Tips
  8. Steps to use Loci Method
  9. Applications of Loci Method
  10. Person - Action System
  11. How Dominic System Works?
  12. Binary Number System
  13. How to memorize playing cards?
  14. Few Memory Tips
  15. Steps of Dominic Method
  16. PAO Method (Person Action Object Method)
  17. PAO Method Variants
  18. PAO Tips
  19. The 4 secrets of Memory
  20. Memory Nourishment
  21. Practical Examples of PAO System
  22. Major System
  23. Levels of Major System
  24. Daily Applications of Major System
  25. PEG System
  26. The Animal (PEG System)
  27. The Number Rhyme Technique
  28. Memory Training Strategy
  29. Phonetic System
  30. Learn History Using Phonetic System
  31. Phonetic System in General Knowledge
  32. How to Learn Science?
  33. Bonus Lecture 1 Memory & Sleep
  34. Bonus lecture 2 Mediation & Memory
  35. Bonus Lecture 3 Steps To Increase The Power Of Imagination
  36. Bonus Lecture 4 Ten Proven Steps for Enhancing Memory
  37. Bonus Lecture 5 Working Parts of Brain
  38. Bonus Lecture 6 Let’s Test Your Memory

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