Public Speaking For Children

Public Speaking For Children

Public Speaking For Children

Level : Basic

Price : 13999   2999

12 Month(s)

Designed by: IIM Alumni
(10 yrs Presentation/Speech Experience)

Language: ENGLISH

The course covers:

• How can a child give speak in front of a group?

• Confidence to speak
• Get comfortable when speaking informally
• Explain about a situation/topic/speech/presentation.

Practise requirements:

• A simple camera/phone to record

• An elder brother/sister/family member to speak to

Course description:

The course Public Speaking for Children is specifically designed covering the theory and practical examples for the kids. Being a parent we all are worried about our child to gain confidence in speech. This is a very crucial thing to learn.

When a child can speak with confidence in front of his/her classmates with ease and confidence, the boost is not only for academics but also the holistic development of the child.
How nice it would be that a child never panics in front of class, teachers, annual day speech ad even the parents and relatives.

This course of Public Speaking for Children is specifically for all the enthusiastic kids who are willing to learn :

1. How to give a presentation?
2. How to order food in a restaurant (informal communication)?
3. Explain a topic
4. Make a speech interesting

The key points that you will learn in this course will require continuous practise, dedication, and consistency.
You will be amazed to see the end results!!!!

The course Public Speaking For Children has audio video lectures which are easy to understand and you can refer them whenever you want for the purchased duration validity.

So, see you in the course 😊


  1. Children Can Speak Really Great
  2. Children V/s Adults
  3. How to Introduce Yourself?
  4. What To Speak? Why To Speak?
  5. First Step Towards Great Speaking!!
  6. Storytelling Example
  7. Emotions
  8. Using Emotions (Example)
  9. How to Cheat?
  10. The Best Way to Practice
  11. Fear of Speaking
  12. Practice Your Strength
  13. How To Start?
  14. Common Problem’s (Part 1)
  15. Common Problem’s (Part 2)
  16. Few Situational Speeches
  17. Tell Jokes
  18. Show What to Tell
  19. Activity: How to order food?
  20. Yes! I Am Ready
  21. Age Is No Bar
  22. Find Your Goal
  23. Know Your Focus
  24. Task for you
  25. Show That Your Care
  26. The Greatest Problem
  27. “Examples Are Really Important”
  28. You Can Cheat
  29. Practice Session
  30. Make Your Routine
  31. Bonus Lecture

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